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Salt Flats featured

Mineral-rich Lakes, Geysers and Hot Springs: Exploring Bolivia’s Salt Flats (part two)

This entry is part 2 of 4 in the series Exploring Bolivia's Salt Flats

I often find myself having to wake up earlier when I’m on the road than when I’m at home working a full-time job five days a week.  Whether it be to make an onward journey by bus or train, catch a flight, join a tour, witness a sunrise, or simply to take advantage of the […]

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Bolivia's Salt Flats

A Journey to the End of the Earth: Exploring Bolivia’s Salt Flats (part one)

This entry is part 3 of 4 in the series Exploring Bolivia's Salt Flats

I fully intended to finish the chronological coverage of the five months I spent in Peru and Bolivia last year before I wrote about any other destinations I visited after my return.  In fact my original intention was to have completed this chronological coverage before this year even began. Yet here I am in the […]

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La Paz cityscape

A Cocaine Factory, Llama Foetuses and Dancing Zebras: Exploring the Dizzying Heights of La Paz

Like Lima in Peru, La Paz was one of those cities that I just didn’t expect to like.  There were aspects of it that intrigued me – primarily the city’s complex and sinister history – but on the surface I imagined it to be dirty, overcrowded, unattractive and dangerous; Lonely Planet warns that, “there’s quite a […]

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