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Why I’ll Never Wear a Money Belt Again: Introducing Clever Travel Companion Theft-proof Travel Clothing

July 11, 2016

When I was preparing for a six-month solo adventure around Southeast Asia back in 2006 one of the first things I bought was a money belt.  It was an essential item for ensuring that my money, cards and passport remained discreetly hidden about my person and away from the prying eyes of potential thieves.

If – God forbid – my bag was stolen (and things like that do happen even when you’re careful) the thieves would have gotten away with my camera and mobile phone, but my identity, money, and means of accessing that money would remain safe.

The problem with money belts (and believe me I’ve tried quite a few over the years!) is that they’re just not comfortable.  They never stay flat to your skin as intended and start to curl up beneath your clothing, they stick to you, they get sweaty, dirty and greasy all too quickly, and the belt part starts to dig into you every time you sit down.

A few years ago I discovered the Pacsafe Walletsafe 50, a theft-proof travel wallet that fastens to your belt loop or inside of your bag via a secure chain and lockable hook.  If you’re anything like me when you travel, you’ve probably already got your hands full trying to juggle a mobile phone and a guidebook or map, so having your money and cards in a wallet that’s attached to you via a chain is one less thing to worry about.

However the Walletsafe 50 was too small to fit much more than a few notes and cards in it (my passport had to be stashed elsewhere) and although it offered me a certain level of reassurance, at the end of the day my money and cards were still on display every time I needed to access my wallet.

I needed a product that would do the job intended by the money belt but in a more effective and comfortable way.

Introducing Clever Travel Companion Theft-proof Travel Clothing

Clever Travel Companion is a range of theft-proof travel clothing created by travellers for travellers.  Each item of clothing has a discreet pocket or pockets with concealed zippers that are large enough to accommodate money, cards, and a passport.

Not only does their clothing ensure that your valuables are kept out of sight from thieves and pickpockets, but it also means that it’s almost impossible to mislay them.  In their own words,

“Anyone can forget a wallet, purse, or money belt somewhere, but who takes off their clothing just anywhere in the middle of the day?”

I’d actually had my eye on the Clever Travel Companion range of theft-proof travel clothing long before the opportunity arose to road test these innovative new products.

Clever Travel Companion Black Shorts

I stumbled upon the shorts (above) during a random Amazon search and immediately added them to my wish list.  However despite sharing my wish list with family every Christmas, I never found these shorts inside any of my carefully-wrapped presents, and there were always more important items that I needed/wanted to buy for myself.

So I was overjoyed when a pair of these shorts and a vest top arrived through my letterbox, just in time for me to road-test them on a seven-day trip around Romania.

What I love About Clever Travel Companion’s Range of Theft-proof Travel Clothing

#1 – It’s comfortable

I especially love the shorts (which fit like a second skin) but both items were comfortable to wear all day long, and in hot and humid conditions.  The material is soft and stretchy and there are no annoying labels to irritate you.  The vest top is made from 93% cotton and 7% spandex and the shorts are 95% cotton and 5% spandex.

#2 – It’s machine washable

All Clever Travel Companion clothing can be machine washed at 40 degrees.

#3 – It’s budget-friendly

Clever Travel Companion clothing starts from as little as £19 / $25 for kids and £23 / $30 for adults, so it won’t put a dent in your wallet.  I’m always budget-conscious when I travel so this is really good news for me as it means that I can protect my valuables without paying through the nose for the privilege.

#4 The shorts fit easily and discreetly underneath your normal clothes

I wore them underneath denim shorts, jeans, and harem trousers, and with all of these items of clothing I could easily access the pockets to get at my money, and they added no bulk or discomfort to my outfits.

Clever Travel Companion vest top, Brasov

#5 – The zippers are well concealed

The zips are the same colour as the garment itself and cannot be seen unless you’re right up close and are purposefully looking for them.

#6 – Front and side pockets available in a variety of different style tops

Clever Travel Companion make vest tops with either one large front pocket or two side pockets, and t-shirts with either a v-neck or crew-neck and a choice of pocket configuration.  I trialled the vest top with side pockets and found the pockets to be perfectly positioned for easy access.

#7 – Free Worldwide Shipping is Available

I’m forever finding really cool products that I cannot get hold of simply because because I live in the UK and shipping is only available to US addresses.  So the fact that Clever Travel Companion ship worldwide is a huge plus for me.  They even offer free worldwide shipping if you spend over $75 (£58).

#8 – Your purchase helps to support charities

I always try to travel responsibly and to support local communities as much as I can, so I was thrilled to discover that Clever Travel Companion sponsor the following organisations:

#9 The packaging they come in is reusable

All items in the Clever Travel Companion clothing range come in their very own re-sealable plastic bag.  I found these bags super useful for storing wet clothes in (if you’ve been for a swim) or dirty underwear.  Yep, grim as that may sound, we all need somewhere to stash those used pairs of knickers and socks until a suitable time arises to wash them!

Clever Travel Companion

What I Would Change About the Clever Travel Companion Theft-proof Travel Clothing

#1 – More Colours please!

At the moment Clever Travel Companion clothing is available in black, grey, and white.  Personally I never wear white because I like the convenience of being able to wash all my clothes at the same time, and when you travel – especially long-term – it’s almost impossible to keep whites white.

Whilst I do love blacks and greys due to their versatility and the fact that they go with everything, it would be nice to have the vest tops and t-shirts available in some more colourful colours. I especially like the idea of teal, claret, or cornflower blue.

Suggested colours for Clever Travel Companion clothing

The guys at Clever Travel Companion have informed me that they do have plans to introduce more colours, but they also have a lot of new products they’d like to introduce.  So they’re working on getting the balance right at the moment.

#2 – The vest tops are a little bit long for us short people

Whilst having a top that’s too long is definitely preferable over one that’s too short, being only 5’1 (155cm) and petite-framed, I found the vest tops were a bit more like a very short mini dress when stretched to their maximum length.  I appreciate that Clever Travel Companion have to cater for those of average height (of which I am not), but it would be nice to have a choice of lengths available.

Clever Travel Companion shorts

Having trialled the vest top (with side pockets) and shorts from The Clever Travel Companion theft-proof travel clothing range , I immediately want to purchase enough pairs of shorts to allow me to wear one every day whilst on the road.  I wore the clothes during train and bus journeys, and whilst strolling around cities, exploring castles and hiking mountain trails, and they were just so damn comfortable!

So if you’re looking for a solution to keep your valuables safe on the road that actually works, then I can wholeheartedly recommend the Clever Travel Companion range of theft-proof travel clothing.  I promise you, you’ll never wear a money belt again!

Here are some helpful links to the two products I trialled –

Click here to purchase the vest top with side pockets

Or here to purchase the amazing shorts, which were my favourite 🙂

**All photos courtesy of Clever Travel Companion and me!**

**I received a complimentary vest top and shorts from Clever Travel Companion in exchange for an honest review, but I would never recommend a product that I do not personally love or believe in**

**Some of the links in this post are affiliate links.  All this means is that if you make a purchase through one of the links I have provided, I will earn a small commission as a result but the cost to you will remain exactly the same**

Clever Travel Companion theft-proof clothing

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  • Reply Leslie Foster August 1, 2016 at 1:32 PM

    Love these! Thanks for the review. I look forward to putting them on my Christmas list to see if my family get the hint better than yours 😉

    • Reply Kiara Gallop August 1, 2016 at 8:39 PM

      Haha, I hope they do! I’m definitely going to be putting a couple more pairs of the shorts on mine 🙂

  • Reply Jurga - Full Suitcase September 4, 2016 at 8:39 AM

    I’ve never heard of this clothing before – looks like such a great idea. I tried money belt once and never understood how people can actually use those things :).
    Thanks for sharing, Kiara. I love discovering all kinds of new things and places from other travel bloggers!
    Jurga – Full Suitcase recently posted…Our 2016 Summer Vacation: Fun, Crazy, UnforgettableMy Profile

    • Reply Kiara Gallop September 4, 2016 at 8:43 AM

      I absolutely love Clever Travel Companion clothing and have no idea why someone didn’t come up with the idea sooner! Money belts are such a pain :-/

  • Reply Samantha | There She Goes Again September 5, 2016 at 12:29 AM

    These sounds awesome! I hate money belts, so this is a perfect alternative. Haha I agree though— more colors please!

    • Reply Kiara Gallop September 6, 2016 at 1:43 PM

      Definitely 🙂 Doesn’t matter so much with the shorts but I wouldn’t want to live in grey and black vest tops and t-shirts!

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