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Tofu and Tea Leaves- An Introduction to the cuisine of Myanmar

Tea Leaves and Tofu: An Introduction to the Cuisine of Myanmar – Gallop Around The Globe

Myanmar is not a country that’s known for its food.  The cuisine of neighbouring Thailand is popular the world over, with its distinct, aromatic, but simple amalgamation of flavours.  Vietnam is famous for its Pho (noodle soup), Laos for its laap (meat-based salad), and Cambodia for its Fish Amok (fish curry). But Myanmar? I didn’t […]

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The Magic of Máncora

Following a disappointing (with the exception of the meal I ate at La Romana) overnight stop in the modern metropolis of Chiclayo, we headed 396 kilometres up coast to the beach resort of Máncora.  Máncora is famous for its huge quantities of sunshine, long sandy beaches,  reliably good surf, fresh seafood, and lively nightlife. We […]

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