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The Road to Cajamarca: Peru’s Most Spectacular and Frightening Bus Ride

After Chachapoyas, we knew that Cajamarca had to be our next stop.  We’d heard great things about this charming Andean town, brimming with graceful colonial architecture, churches, and hot springs.  It’s located in a fertile valley surrounded by tall mountains, is famous for its cheese and dairy products, and its streets are frequented by campesinos […]

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Catarata de Gocta: Peru’s ‘Lost’ Waterfall

Standing at 771 metres tall, Catarata de Gocta is ‘unofficially‘ the fifth highest free-leaping waterfall in the world (there is some dispute online as to where it officially ranks), only falling behind the likes of Angel (Venezuela), Tugela (South Africa), and Utigordsfoss, and Mongefoss (both in Norway). Yet this towering cascade of water, which is […]

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Kuélap: The Kingdom of the Cloud People

Following a 6-hour journey on a cramped minibus (albeit through some beautiful mountain scenery), it was lovely to arrive into Chachapoyas with our accommodation already booked for us (thanks to the incredibly kind folk at La Casa de Seizo in Moyobamba). Our hostel was run by a young Peruvian husband and wife (apparently they’re not […]

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