Getting Higher in Ayacucho

I’m not entirely sure why any company would ONLY offer a night bus service for a journey that is just 5 hours long.  But that’s exactly what Expreso Molina did between Huancavelica and Ayacucho (pronounced like ‘higher’ without the ‘h’ followed by ‘coocho’).  So, having only boarded the bus at 12:30am, and finally finding some […]

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Huancavelica: The Charms of a Lesser-visited Peruvian Mountain Town

Although we’d enjoyed parts of Tarma, and totally loved the excitement of exploring the towering rock sculptures of Huancayo, up to this point our forays into the lesser-visited parts of Peru between Huaraz and Cusco, had not really returned as many benefits as we’d hoped. We imagined attractive cobblestone towns, remote mountain villages, colourful markets, […]

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Magical Mystery Tour of Tarma with Max Adventures

I cannot tell you how good it felt to have a proper night’s sleep in a clean, comfortable, and secure hostel after our rather challenging journey from Huaraz, and subsequent disastrous stay at one one of Lonely Planet’s recommendations, Hospedaje Central (yes I did contact Lonely Planet and ‘suggest’ they remove the listing from their […]

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My V Dub Bug Obsession: Beetles of Peru

The humble Volkswagen Beetle is the longest-running and most-manufactured car of a single design platform, worldwide. Designed by Porsche in 1934 (although designs were not finalised until 1938) following Hitler’s demands for a cheap, simple car to be mass-produced for the new road network of his country, the first Volkswagen Beetle left the factory on the […]

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The Long and Challenging Road to Tarma

Planning our onward journey from Huaraz was not an easy task.  Most tourists choose the well-trodden route back to Lima, and then make their way south from there.  However, knowing that we had our pre-booked Inca Trail trek not far ahead of us, we chose to stay at altitude (to save needing a few days […]

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