Laguna 69: My Harsh Introduction to Trekking at Altitude

We originally strolled into the offices of Quechuandes to enquire about the infamous 4-day Santa Cruz trek.  Having completed our ‘acclimatisation’ trek with Huascarán, and not really suffered any ill-effects (apart from a little breathlessness towards the top), we felt confident that we weren’t susceptible to altitude sickness, and therefore capable of enduring a few […]

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The Magic of Máncora

Following a disappointing (with the exception of the meal I ate at La Romana) overnight stop in the modern metropolis of Chiclayo, we headed 396 kilometres up coast to the beach resort of Máncora.  Máncora is famous for its huge quantities of sunshine, long sandy beaches,  reliably good surf, fresh seafood, and lively nightlife. We […]

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